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Paddle Board Storage: How To Store Paddle Board For End Of Season

End of Season Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Storage

Storing inflatable stand up paddleboard on shelf

For those of us lucky enough to have four beautiful seasons, it can be sad to say goodbye to our favorite sport of Stand Up Paddle boarding as temperatures drop and our water ways freeze over.  This creates a lot of anxiety about how to best store your inflatable stand up paddle board so that it is in great shape when you see it again next season.  The good news is, there is not much to it!  Here is everything you need to know about how to store your iSUP in the winter, in 5 easy steps!

SUP Board Storage


  1.  Storing your board clean and dry is the only way. Your PVC iSUP is very durable, but standing moisture has a way of wrecking everything.  To prevent unrolling a stinky, mildew covered board next season, always thoroughly wash your board with clean fresh water and a soft cloth, dry in front of a fan overnight.


  1. Fold your board instead of rolling.  Your Fin Box does not bend, and it needs to lay nice and flat for storage. You can see the best way to fold your board in the video below. 


  1. Store your board in the bag, fin box up, with all the accessories situated on top, in a laying position. This puts less stress on the side seam and avoids having a pump-shaped divot in the board after laying on it all winter. Do not store anything on top.
iSUP bag and contents
iSUP and paddle board accessories going into storage.
iSUP packed up in back pack for the season
  1. Keep away from rodents and insects. Believe it or not, mice will chew through your iSUP, so don’t store it in the grain shed or anywhere that mice will access it.
  1. Frozen boards are much less durable, as freezing temperatures can cause PVC and Plastic to become brittle. Avoid dropping or having impact to boards that are frozen. It is fine to store boards in unheated areas, but bring up to room temperature before unfolding.


Some riders cannot stand the thought of packing away their favorite iSUP and would rather leave inflated, ready to go.  No problem, just drop the PSI down to the lowest end of the recommended range to reduce the amount of stress on the seams.  This is a fine way to keep a beautiful thing in the limelight it deserves.  A beautiful board with independent artwork from a local artist can be beautifully displayed hung securely from the ceiling or walls. 

Sea Gods offers a Lifetime warranty on iSUPs, but most manufacturers only offer one or maybe two years.  A good paddle board can be a large investment, and it is worth your time to take care of your board so it can be enjoyed for years to come. 

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