Best Paddle Board for Your Teenager

inflatable paddle board canada - for teenager
You want to buy your teen a stand up paddle board (SUP). You couldn’t pick a better investment, as it gets them outdoors and away from screens that take up too much of their time. It also helps them build independence, confidence, and core strength that they can apply to the other activities and sports in their lives.


But teens are also a fickle bunch, and your choice of SUP will make or break the experience. It will make the difference between one that gets used, and one that sits in the garage with the other recreational “toys” that they have abandoned over the years. We admit it’s a tough choice, which is why we’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation by recommending simple options that we know your teen will be very excited about - even if they’ll never admit it.

best sup for teenagers

Recommended Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board for Your Teen 

elemental wave - best sups for your teenager

1. Safety (for you) and Performance (for them)

The Elemental Wave Ten6 has dimensions of 10’6” x 32” x 6” to provide an overall volume that provides you with peace of mind that they will have a balanced and safe experience on the water.

You’ll find further parental comfort in the diamond-pattern high-traction EVA pad with 5mm thickness and 50A rigidity - which provides an added layer of stability.

Of course, you don’t have to tell them any of that. Instead, highlight the fact that this ISUP is built to perform! It will deliver hours of adventure in flat water and surf alike.

The board is strong yet easy to ride and comes with Universal action camera mounts so that they can Instagram their adventures instead of shooting selfies in the mirror. Last but not least, our best all around SUP comes in another beautiful design option.

isup for teenagers

2. The Diatom - It Can Go Where They Want to Go 

isup for teens

As they get older, their morning, afternoon, evening and even overnight adventures away from home grow. They bolt at a moment’s notice to hit the lake or ocean with friends, be it for the day or on a camping excursion. They need a SUP that can come along with them with ease. Otherwise, it will indeed be left collecting dust in the garage.

Like the Elemental Wave, the Diatom Ten6 CX is the super light weight (just 20lbs) and compact, making it perfect for teenagers on the go. When compressed, the SUP along with the accompanying accessories (3-piece paddle, pump, fin, maintenance kit, and leash) fit snug in the super convenient wheeled hiking backpack. That’s right - with the pack they can take their ISUP anywhere they choose. 

paddle boards teens will love

3. Skylla Cross Touring SUP - The Design is Awesome and it moves

skylla cross touring sup

skylla sup board bottom

It doesn’t matter how well-constructed their recreational equipment may be - it needs to look cool to get their thumbs up. The Skylla features an uber clean design on the front of the board, yet totally rippin original artwork on the bottom. The Skylla is a Cross-Touring paddle board that is Playful, Light, Rigid and Quick. If your teen knows how to paddle board already, this is one provides more speed and maneuverability during their outdoor adventure.

4. It Will Last Them a Lifetime

Best Paddle Board for Your Teenager

As bittersweet as it is, your teen will be off to college, university, or some other grand adventure pretty soon. Isn’t it nice to know that the ISUP you bought them can come along and be with them for years to come? Built with  all the best new technology in materials and construction- all our boards are built to last a lifetime. We’re so confident that we’ve thrown in a lifetime guarantee! They will never have to buy themselves another ISUP, until maybe when they become parents themselves one day…in the distant future. 

5. There’s Some Cool Swag to Go With It

best paddle board for teenagers

When teenagers get engaged in something they tend to go all in. Their passions become a part of their identity, and as such, they like to wear their allegiances on their sleeve, often literally. This is where Sea Gods sets itself apart from other SUP brands in Canada. We have an ideal collection of accessories, including the all-important dry bag, cellphone protectors and some fun #SUPlife swag that your teen will find handy during their adventure on the water. Find it all here

Of course, the most important “swag” of all is one that puts safety first. View our recommended personal flotation devices (PFDs) to go along with their ISUP. 

For pricing and additional specs on our recommended paddle boards please visit our paddle board product page. We also encourage you to check out other ISUPs that you may feel are appropriate to your teen’s tastes and experience on the water. If you have any questions whatsoever feel free to contact us directly.


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