Best Inflatable Paddle Board for Families 2023 

Best Inflatable Paddle Board SUP for Families Canada

We recently named our top picks for inflatable standup paddle-boards (ISUP) for moms and for dads. We even covered ISUP recommendations for grandparents and teens. Now it’s time to tie it all together with a look at the best inflatable paddle board for families. After all, most households don’t have room for four or more ISUPs, even if they compress to the size of this backpack

As a family-owned and operated business, we love this topic more than any because we know firsthand how paddle boarding offers the ultimate Ohana adventure. That being said, choice of equipment is everything. The wrong options can sink your family’s plans for outdoor fun instantly. Literally. We’re not going to let that happen. Instead, we’ve pooled our collective experience in ISUP design and have arrived at our pick for the top inflatable SUP for your tribe. Let’s review! 

Best Inflatable Paddle Board SUP for Families Canada

Why Your Family Will Love the Sea Gods Diatom Ten6 CX Inflatable Paddleboard for Outdoor Adventure in 2023 and Beyond

First, Some Context

Before diving into what separates the Sea Gods Diatom Ten6 CX from all other ISUPs on the market, we want to provide a little context for how the recommendation is made. It’s not just steeped in “feeling” (although that matters) but science concerning how outdoor experiences can be optimized for families. The most often cited study regarding family adventure travel states the following:

“Adventure operators need to design flexible experiences which reflect the heterogeneous nature of the family market. This includes careful consideration of the varied needs, skills, experience, and ages of children within families to ensure that each person enjoys optimal hedonic and eudaimonic wellbeing […] Offer activities that families can participate in together, which are pitched at the children’s ability level. Concurrently, they should provide opportunities for personal space, individual participation, and downtime for all family members. This not only facilitates individual need fulfillment, but also reflects the pattern of family life at home, which is often individualized for part of the day.“ (SHU)

Researcher statements regarding providing opportunities for personal space, individual participation, and downtime for all family members perfectly encapsulate why buying an ISUP for the family is a great decision. The right ISUP allows you to come down to the beach as a family and take turns enjoying the board individually, in tandem (w/small kids), and side by side (when buying more than one), yet always together. The other statement regarding the varied needs, skills, experience, and ages is everything to make this work. And this is why the Sea Gods Diatom Ten6 CX is the ISUP of choice.

Best All-Around Stable ISUP

the Diatom - Best Inflatable SUP Board for Families

The Diatom Ten6 CX is as ideal for beginners as it is for advanced paddlers in your household. The dimensions of 10'6" x 34" x 6”, military-grade construction, and industry-leading PSI range for maximum rigidity and weight support is why this ISUP is top-rated for stability and maneuverability without giving up the need for tracking and speed. What's more, it's light weight and easy to carry

Comes with All Family Fun Accessories 

There’s no need for a trip to the outdoor adventure store when you buy the Diatom Ten6 CX ISUP for your family. Sea Gods toss in a bounty of every accessory you need (and more) to get you all into the water immediately and get the most out of your ISUP experiences. 

The ISUP has an adjustable paddle (for all heights), fin, leash, backpack, pump, and maintenance kit. Moreover, the ISUP is outfitted with a premium high-traction deck pad, portage handles, a bungee tie-down, and extra D-rings to secure an optional Kayak seat. The latter makes this board even more accommodating for the family should some prefer to take a seated position occasionally. Lastly, the Diatom Ten6 CX features two action camera (i.e. GoPro) mounts to ensure you capture your precious outdoor adventure memories together. And on that note, the Diatom Ten6 CX is one of the most photo-worthy ISUPs, featuring the psychedelic-kaleidoscope renderings of renowned artist Jamie Locke.

Warranty to Last Your Family a Lifetime

Manufactured with premium cross-weave ULF technology, heat-molded seams, a seam reinforcing strip, and Apollo UV protective spray glazing, the Diatom Ten6 CX is built to last a lifetime. Well, it also has a warranty to last a lifetime too! The final piece of the puzzle that comes with your family ISUP purchase is a peace-of-mind-inducing Lifetime Warranty

Love everything you’ve read above, but are still unsure if this board will suit the finickier members of your family? Fret not, because we also offer a 30-Day Love It or Return It Guarantee. Test it out together and see how it “fits.” If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us anytime. Otherwise, our family looks forward to seeing your family out there on the water!

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